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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buggies and Babies Birthday!

One year ago this same time, we added a new addition to our family! Our store, Buggies and Babies, was born! Well, a year ago we were known as San Diego Baby Gear Exchange. Just a quick story on our name - we wanted something fun and catchy, but just like when you name your child...it's hard! We went with a web friendly, searchable name and that's how we came up with our former name. However, I wasn't pleased with the name but we had to come up with something fast. A few months later, I thought of our current name but we weren't a 100% sure. Anyhow, we asked our close friend and family and our oldest daughter what they thought. They all voted on Buggies and Babies and so when we moved to our new location this past February we decided it was the right time to make the change.
So, now, a year later our store is triple the size (our 1st space was really small! some of you know!) We carry many more great products and essentials. We are growing slowly for surely and hope we can continue to grow and expand. We love being a part of this community and offering our resources, producs, and experiences with our customers.
If you haven't done so already, please join our mailing list for updates of our products, new products, and upcoming promiations. This month we have a great speical going on in honor our Buggies and Babies 1st birthday!

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