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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My New Favorite Diaper Bag

My Favorite New Diaper Bag!
Of course, I am Ju-Ju-Be loyal – why not they have all the features a Mom or Dad needs from a diaper bag. In fact, Ju-Ju-Be bags have features I did not even think I needed or wanted! Anyhow, my new favorite is the BeTween. As a retailer I first thought the bag was too small especially for its price. Anyhow, over the past few months I have noticed more and more Moms with a BeTween. I even talked to a Mom that had 2 little ones and she said she loved her BeTween. I was not sure it would work for me because I carry SO many things with me – often, I have 2 – 3 bags wherever I go! At the same time I am a babywearer (for convenience and comfort) and carry my little one on my back with the ERGObaby Carrier all the time. For that reason, I need a light, messenger style bag so it’s doesn’t add more weight to my back AND is out of my daughter’s way…the BeTween is the PERFECT match!! Surprisingly, just like other Ju-Ju-Be bags the BeTween holds a ton of things. I was able to fit a change of clothes for both girls, 4 diapers, wipes, socks, sun block, and their sunglasses AS WELL AS have a zippered front pocket for ALL of my essentials. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Oh, on top of all this, I got the new pattern in Marvelous Mums that matches perfectly with my Bumbleride Seagrass Flite.
Think price is too much? Bring in your used baby gear product(s) to sell or trade-in. We love quality, gently used products and offer consignment or store credit towards our new products.

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