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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Website live!

San Diego Baby Gear Exchange is now live!! Our store will be open to the public very soon too. We're really looking forward to meeting our customers and sharing our experiences with different baby products together. As parents with two little ones, we feel we've learned the hard way about what products are a must have and which ones are a complete waste. At our store, you'll only find baby gear that not only do we approve of but have personally tried, own, or have owned. We're strong supporters of quality - even in this tough economy - we believe the extra money spent on an exceptional baby product is totally worth it. Especially if you plan on having 1 or 2 more kids, then you'll know the investment will last over a long period of time. We hope that from our site or if you visit us at the store, we can provide valuable information to expecting parents or new parents about what baby products are essential. Baby gear can add up, when I registered for my first daughter - I went crazy. I scanned anything and everything that either looked cute or seemed necessary. I must have registered for a dozen receiving blankets (although I received about a hundred), a bunch of onesies (also received a hundred of these), colorful bottles, and several pacifiers. Anyhow, I mention these particular products because I did not use ANY of these. No one told me that the colorful bottles leak, no one told me that in the summer a baby does not need a receiving blanket (nor could I figure out how to wrap her in one), lastly my daughter preferred to suck her own thumb not a pacifier. Needless to say I wasted a lot of people's and my own money on baby products that I was not aware I would not need :) We did donate and/or exchange the products that I did not end up using.

Please visit our site or email if you're wondering what you might need or don't need. Every family and even each parent is different, but at least here you can get an honest opinion about something from a family or families that have been there done that. Thanks again for visiting. We hope to see you here or at our store often.

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