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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Strollers, Strollers, Strollers

When I was expecting our first baby I had no idea what stroller to get. All I knew was that the Bugaboo was the premier, top of the line stroller to get. All other strollers were simply just a stroller to push around the baby (so I thought). I did not know the importance of a good canopy, swivel wheel, snack tray, under storage, brakes, frame, height adjusting handlebars, or reversible handlebars. We went to the big name (and only local) baby store in our neighborhood and decided there were way too many strollers to decide upon. I figured the most priciest stroller would be the most ideal and most safe ??? We ended up with a very nice brand (I won’t name it here because I don’t want to influence or offend anyone else that might have the same one). Anyhow, after several months of using it, I realized overtime how I would have preferred a stroller with so many different features. This is how I learned, the hard way, about what strollers would fit different parents. I did not know strollers came with different features – oh, but they do.

Is one parent tall and the other short? - there are strollers where you can adjust the handlebars (WOW). Do you plan on having another baby but don’t want to invest in a hefty double stroller? There are strollers where you can add a Jump Seat, so you get the light weight single stroller with the added benefit of a double stroller. Are you interested in an all terrain stroller – where you can take to the beach, snow, parks, mall? Do you want a stroller that has the best sun coverage?

Every few days or so – I’ll add blogs to highlight the pros and cons of several different strollers that are in our inventory. As I mentioned, we’re only going to be carrying baby gear that is “parent preferred” so stay tuned to read about the best baby gear for Moms, Dads, and babies too.

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