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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ready to get started with cloth diapering?!

Let us point you in the right direction! Check out our cost saving cloth diaper packages!!


 I recall when I began learning about cloth diapers it was overwhelming and very confusing understanding the different terms and the cloth diaper lingo. What was a pocket, an insert, and a prefold? How may did I need or how do I wash? What did I do with the really dirty diapers? These were just a few of the many, many questions I had when I was pregnant with my 2nd.  I wish I had the local resources and support to understand all I needed to get started. Buggies and Babies offers each month two free Cloth Diaper 101 classes a month – we introduce all the different systems, ways to use, how to wash and maintain, and answer your questions as well as clear up any misconceptions you may have. We have attendees who are either new to cloth as well as experience cloth diapering families who come together to support and encourage our cloth diapering ways.

To help families get started with their cloth diapering journey Buggies and Babies has created several cloth diaper packages based on products that are not only great for your budget but also help to make cloth diapering easy! We have packages available for those starting out on baby’s first day or those who want to start with an older baby such as 3 months 1 year or even a toddler. At whichever stage you’re in and based on your budget we have a package for you!

Check out our packages here! Each package will save you 20% off plus the retail prices. We offer as a base prefolds and covers. Prefold diapers are a great choice for cloth diapering because as a 100% natural cotton they are safe against baby’s skin but are also very easy to maintain. I have some prefolds in my stash that are over 2 years with proper cleaning mine have absolutely no stains and are still just as soft and absorbent as they were from day 1. Our packages include covers (also known as wraps), which are used to go over the prefolds – to ensure a dry baby. At each diaper change if there is no stain to the cover or it still feels dry to the touch simply replace the prefold and reuse the same cover. This is why covers and prefolds are easy on the budget – you can reuse the same cover 2 to 3 times.
Additionally you’re able to add extra covers to each package as well as pocket diapers. We also feature an essential add on which includes “essentials” you really need for cloth diapering – cloth diaper safe detergent, cloth diaper safe diaper cream, a diaper pail liner, and a wet bag.
If you’re a local family please visit us during our Cloth Diapering 101 events. We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you feel comfortable with cloth diapering. Every staff member that works at Buggies and Babies cloth diapers so as moms we’re happy to share our experiences and assist you!

Here are several more tips I wish someone had shared with me when I started cloth diapering:
1) Make sure to put on the cloth diaper just right. Putting on a disposable diaper is much different than a cloth diaper. If the cloth diaper is not on right you will have leaking. Also the right fit will ensure the cloth diaper fits until toddler stage, whether you have a petite or above average size baby.
2) Sunning your diapers is the #1 best way to get rid of stains and smells. A clothes hanger rack can hold a load of diapers – just hang your just washed diapers on the rack or on your clothes line and let the UV rays from the sun do its job. Don’t have a yard? UV rays can go through most windows, place the rack along a window and watch the stains disappear.
3) You do not need a lot of cloth diapers – 24 to 30 total is a good amount. Any more you tend to wash less. Any less than you’ll be washing more frequently or need disposables to supplement.
4) Cloth diapering is not expensive. If you buy the right system from quality manufacturers you will not have to invest hundreds! You can cloth diaper full time with quality cloth products for under $200. Our packages are all under $200.
5) There are manufacturers that offer $5 cloth diapers – these can save you money. However many of our customers and friends who have bought these have had many problems with sewing quality, absorbency, and fit. They then have to return or sell then re-buy – at the end of the day they end up paying much more. Stick with vendors whose products are made in the USA or at USA based.

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