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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Halloween! My DIY Costume!

This year, now that both our girls our older, we decided to do a theme for our Halloween costumes. In the past our girls were always princesses and my husband and I would put on whatever old clothes we can put together OR not dress up at all. This year we decided on the Toy Story theme – fun! We bought our girls’ costumes last month at a Halloween store. Our 5 year old will be Jessie and our 3 year old is Little Bo Beep – cute! Our girls opted for the female characters, so I do hope others will understand our theme since we don’t have a Woody or Buzz. Maybe we can find Woody and Buzz Light Year costumes for our dogs (although our Lab is a female – oh well!)
For hubby and me, we will be Mr and Mrs Potato Head. Since, I’m 5 months preggo being Mr and Mrs Potato Head seems much more comfortable than doing Ken and Barbie. Anyhow, to save money I decided to make our own costumes. I figured it couldn’t be too hard for me to sew the brown “potato” dress, and the cut outs could also easily be traced and copied. Well, here are the results – our costumes didn’t turn out to bad, right?? I’m excited I finished them – in one day too! It helped big time that my brother is a great artist who helped me trace out the face parts.

Here are the details of what I spent and used to make our costumes:

  • 3 yards of brown cotton fabric (I know my dress is darker than the actual Potato Head characters but I liked this color of brown)

  • ¼ to ½ yard each of the following felt colors: black, white, red, pink, and purple

  • Total spent $24.04 at yardage town

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