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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everything you need for a new baby!

Most first time expecting parents are overwhelmed and are very unsure about what a new baby needs. I came across a great article in a parenting magazine – I get a ton in the mail so I’m not 100% sure which parenting magazine this comes from. This is a great guide and I had to share it. According to the article there are 5 essential items that a new baby needs – I have to agree if you have these items you really don’t need anything else.
1)A Car Seat - either a convertible style or the infant car seat style. We started with an infant car seat and 2 bases for the 1st year. After our daughter turned 1, we switched to a convertible seat.
2) A place for baby to sleep – pack and play’s or co-sleepers are GREAT for this. They feature a changing table and a bassinette. The bassinette can be removed when the baby is bigger for sleeping or for play. Also, they’re easy to fold up to use for travel or store away. With a pack and play and/or co-sleeper you really don’t need a crib, which helps save money.
3) Stroller and/or baby carrier – Definitely do your research here. You might invest quite a few hundred dollars but a practical/functional/ comfortable stroller and/or carrier is a MUST!! The brands we carry have the highest reviews among parents – our BOB Gear and Bumbleride strollers are extremely practical as you can use them from the time your baby is born well into their toddler age. Also, they’re perfect for different activities and in different weather zones. They’re easy to push, great on rough terrains, and easy to clean
Also, our baby carriers are the most comfortable and reasonably priced available. Please check out our page about our carriers. The Moby Wrap is very comfortable and has the best price at less than $40. The ERGObaby is our higher end carrier but worth EVERY penny as you can use it until your baby is well over 30 pounds! The ERGO baby carrier and the Moby are designed so one carrier will fit most parents and mostly (I feel) to make life a little more convenient!
4) Diapers and basic clothing – of course! Make sure to get newborn sizes. Even a 10lb baby can fit in the newborn size, at least for the first 3 – 4 weeks.
5) Lastly, an infant health kit is a MUST. The kit that has a thermometer, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, etc. These come in handy!

AS long as you have at least one of each item above then this is all you need! Again, just do your research about what product is best for you and will meet your needs and your budget. You can always register for the big ticket items, which especially helps new parents. Good luck to any expecting parents!!

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