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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Product added - My Baby Nest Carrier

We love the “wrap” style to carry our baby – it is really comfortable. I have to say hands down this is the best, most comfortable, most natural way for a parent to hold a baby. When I saw the “My Baby Nest” at a recent baby expo I became quickly intrigued because it creates the same hold and concept as the very popular Moby Wrap yet there is no wrapping! I purchased a sample for my self to “test” out the carrier – as a mom I have to know first hand the quality of a product. I tried it out – it took me only two attempts to get it right. I was AMAZED at how the My Baby Nest really is easy and comfortable to use. At the time I tested it out my daughter was 15 months, 23 pounds and, truly, we were both comfortable. I then had the hubby try it on. Although the S/M was quite snug for him (he’s 240 lbs 6 ft tall) he did say that the baby fit comfortably. He said that one size bigger would probably be perfect for him.
To test it out further I brought the carrier to my daughter’s class and had other mom’s try it on. These moms had 3 – 5 month old babies - they all agreed that it was very comfortable and really easy to put on. I could tell their babies were happy in the sling because they weren’t fussy at all. The true test to a good carrier – if they baby falls asleep or is at least relaxed (no fussing) after a few minutes then they love the carrier. Of course, if it’s comfortable for you and easy to put it then it’s a winner!
Besides the comfort of the My Baby Nest the quality of the fabric is amazing. It’s cotton with stretch lycra – it’s the strong breathable, thin type of cotton. Very similar to those really nice, seamless sports bras. Also the fabric is made with hypoallergenic and non-toxic dyes – which makes it safer for moms and babies.
We love this carrier – this is perfect for parents that want a quality wrap carrier without having to do all the wrapping.
We’ve included the link to the My Baby Nest website so you can check out more info about their carriers, the available colors, and the size chart to find the right fit for you.


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Anonymous said...

I had a baby nest and i liked the concept, but the lycra made it stretch too much for me. it ended up hangin really low down :(
so i searched to see if there was a similar carrier without lycra and found baby k'tan. its basically the same idea, but the loops are connected. it does all the same stuff and the loops are much wider so i can use the extra fabric to cover up while i nurse! it's great.

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