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Thursday, November 5, 2009

ERGObaby carrier - such a lifesaver

If you are in the market for a new baby carrier or are unsatisfied with your current carrier, then the ERGObaby is your answer. I wish someone had told me about this carrier when I had my first baby, I tell everyone it is a MUST HAVE. Do not waste your money on those carriers you find at the super baby stores, trust me!
The reason I came across the ERGObaby is because I had done a search on a major online buying store for the best baby carrier. I could not stand my current baby carrier, but with a 2 year old and a bad back I desperately needed a good carrier. The ERGObaby had the top reviews, so many parents were raving about it. Seeing the carrier online brought up several concerns for me. I was concerned about the fact that it did not have any security buttons or locks to keep the baby in place. Also, I was not sure it would fit me comfortably. I found the nearest retailer (which was about 25 miles+ from me). At the time I tried the ERGObaby my little one was 6 months old and weighed 17 pounds, so I was a little skeptical that the carrier would comfortably fit my baby.
Anyhow, I tried on the carrier and it was AMAZING. It was not at all a challenge to figure out to wear the baby. I then tried it with my baby on my back, and again very comfortable! For me, it was a pricey purchase, but it was and has been worth every penny. My husband loves it too.
The real test factor was when I used it with my then 2 year old – she fit very comfortably in it too. In fact, at a trip to Disneyland my 2 year old wanted me to carry her while she napped. I strapped her on my back and carried her while she napped. This was during a mile and a half walk. Neither she nor I had any problems.
We’ve used the ERGObaby in places that don’t allow strollers or where strollers are just inconvenient to bring – San Diego Sports Arena, Padres baseball games, beach, and other amusement parks.
The other thing I love about the ERGObaby is that you can use it to nurse discreetly and anywhere. I am an “on the go” Mom and am always doing 5 things at once. With the ERGObaby we can be grocery shopping or waiting in line for a ride at Legoland and I snap over the hood and/or cover us with my nursing shawl and nurse wherever and whenever.
Today my little one is 13 months and weighs over 23 lbs., we still use our ERGObaby everywhere we go. We love it, and you will surely love it too!!

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